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Planning, managing, coordinating and hosting an event can be a completely overwhelming process from the inception of an idea through to the execution of it. Fundamental tasks such as securing a venue and the appropriate vendors is tedious and time consuming but can be the difference between a good event and one that participants will be talking about long after attending. From start to finish, we offer services to help at every junction of planning and executing your next event whether it’s virtual or in-person. It’s no wonder that Event Coordination is one of the most stressful jobs; being able to multitask in a moment’s notice while ensuring everyone is having the absolute best time takes years of experience and a professional approach.

Virtual Corporate Event Management

Managing and planning a virtual event can be very intimidating. It requires a thorough understanding of a conference platform and if you have the know-how, trying to be creative with utilizing the platform’s features is another level of complication and planning. Today, everyone is sitting in front of a screen, day in and day out for work, for family gatherings, socially, and for entertainment. We aren’t all exactly counting down the days for the next online forum at work. We have heard this time and time again since 2019 and that’s why we do everything we can to make sure your next conference, town hall, or social event is engaging and exciting.  Our Event Managers and Coordinators are Zoom experts but also have experience in other online platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, WebEx, etc. We can take the pressure off and assist you in organizing the virtual logistics for small to large groups including guest speakers, presentations, scheduling, and more. Just ask us!    

Event Planning & Event Management

The outcome of a successful and memorable corporate or private event is completely dependent on the quality of the event planning and management. There are many factors to consider for any event, whether it’s virtual or in person. We’re here to help put all the pieces together efficiently and without burden. From start to finish, we help companies through organizing and executing their events. Our experienced team of event planners have an impressive repertoire of different experiences from corporate team building, virtual corporate events, charity or philanthropic experiences, private parties, and even outdoor expeditions. We follow our proven processes to ensure we cover every detail and go above and beyond for every customer. All you will need to worry about is how much you don’t have to worry about.


Event Coordination

The control centre; Ground 0; The ring leader; Or any other term that describes the one with all of the answers who runs the show. Having an Event Coordinator as the point person for your event will put you at ease and ensure your confidence with smooth event execution. Having one of OUR Event Coordinators at your event will do all of this and elevate the entire experience. We know being an on-site Coordinator, whether it is in person or virtually can bring stress and anxiety because there is always a chance of the unexpected to happen and could impact all your event attendees. With our experienced event organizers, you can be reassured we have everything under control with an arsenal of tricks up our sleeve. Working with venues, vendors, technology, weather, public, timelines, special guests; we have it covered.

Event Hosting

Looking to add a little extra something to your next or existing events? Are you trying to fill some of the dead air to keep your guests entertained and energized? Why not book one of our fantastic Event Hosts? A DOE Event Host will meet your event hosting or MC needs while also having a back pocket filled with ice breakers, fun topics and pizazz. This service is offered to our customers or event planning partners. This service is offered to our customers or event planning partners


We’re not gonna  lie, we’re pretty great. Have you met our Pawffice Morale team member yet? Besides our glowing personalities, we actually know what we are doing, and we have great ideas. You may run into some event management companies who bring the lights, the cameras, and the action, and put on a good show but, we do it with purpose. We aren’t looking to impress you with shiny things (although, if you like the shiny things, we can make it happen). We genuinely want every single individual who attends, plans, visits, or watches your event through a screen to have the most memorable and positive experience. This is the biggest factor we take into consideration when planning, managing, and coordinating an event. Every individual that attends your event will be considered as we always hit on various presentation methods – audio, visual, and tactical. We want you to walk away thinking, “Wow. That was easy and so awesome”. So far, this is the result we’ve achieved Testimonials. We create memorable and unique experiences. Let’s create your next one together.

Our Process

Initiate The Event Planning

We ask a lot of questions.

We want to have the full story about your event, what does success look like to you? What are your goals? What are your pain points? What experience do you want to give your attendees?

We want your event to be the absolute best it can be so we won’t hold back on making suggestions or sharing ideas. Once we have a full vision of your event we get to work.


Event Management has many moving pieces and there are countless considerations to think about which can feel overwhelming and take up a lot of bandwidth.

Don’t worry though, this is why you hired DOE. If there is one thing our customers say about us, it’s that we make things incredibly easy and do all of the heavy lifting.

We maintain excellent relationships with our partners, vendors, and venues so the actual event planning piece is a breeze. We are always keen to provide as many options as possible and don’t settle for ‘good enough’.

Our team is passionate about our work which means you have nothing to worry about.  Whatever is required, we can handle it to make sure we are always set up for success.


This is what we do best. Our experienced team of event organizers can manage it all whether it’s on-site or virtual facilitation.

We know even with the most impeccable planning, anything can happen during an event and our experienced team members are impressive problem solvers and multi-taskers. Let’s just say we have many tools in our tool box that prepare us for anything.

The only thing you will be thinking about on event day is how much everyone is enjoying themselves! You can feel confident that everything is under control.

Always Be Better

It’s not over until the … debrief is complete. We always want to be better, it’s actually one of our values! That’s why our internal debrief and event review with you is so important.

We aren’t looking for satisfaction, we are looking to blow you away. What worked for you and where can we be better?

We value your thoughts and take your experiences seriously so we can ensure your next event with us is dynamic and memorable.



We are a Toronto based business with strong connections to local vendors. We love working and connecting with our customers within the largest Canadian city that we know so well. With this big city being our home town, we have extensive knowledge of the parks, venues, halls, etc. that are perfect for all kinds of events.


From Hallifax to Victoria, we can make it happen. Our team has worked in various cities north, south, east and west. If we don’t already have a relationship with a local vendor in your area, we are quick to make connections. Our in person event options or our virtual events can be run from anywhere across the country. 



Technology is a beautiful thing and has allowed us to event manage and coordinate for our customers from anywhere around the world. We can provide you with a Zoom link or run our events from any of your platforms. The flexibility of virtual events allows you to have memorable unique experiences for remote and/or global teams at a reasonable cost.


Here you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about our business. If there is any questions unanswered please reach out to us!

When should we involve DOE in our event planning?

At any stage of your planning. Although, we do believe the early bird catches the worm. If you are thinking about your next social, team building, celebration, or conference event, feel free to reach out so we can brainstorm the best ways to make your event memorable and the most effective ways to execute it. We have also had some customers who start planning and run out of bandwidth so we can pick up where you left off.

How can hiring an event coordinator help us?

Our Coordinators take away all  the stress and anxiety that usually comes with event day. You can sit back and just enjoy the experience knowing we have everything under control. Each of our Coordinators has personal and professional event planning experience and has been specifically trained to ensure they embody our company values. To be honest, our Coordinators are simply fantastic and are just a joy to work with.

Will you plan our entire event?

Absolutely! We will plan from beginning to end, from conception to “how can we make this even better for next time?”. This is why we not only provide you with event options from our fun repertoire of experiences, but we also provide you with planning services so you can get the full package; a one-stop-shop. We will work with you every step of the way and keep you well informed of our progress.

Do you manage virtual events and conferences?

We absolutely do! Check out our virtual event options {hyperlink} that are fun, engaging, and memorable. Want to create something custom? We can work with you on this too. To run a virtual social event, we can utilise our own Zoom hosting services or work with the platform you prefer. With our own Zoom hosting and can manage any online conferencing needs from guest speakers, to conference rooms, agendas, and communications to your attendees.

What equipment do we need for Hosting and MC Services?

If your event is virtual, we simply just need the link to your online meeting or we can provide you with our Zoom link to host any virtual events for you. For any in person events, we can provide you with one of our fabulous hosts to bring a little extra something to your event. Depending on the location and group size, you may require A/V equipment. Not to worry, we can source this for you unless you if required at an additional cost.

Do you plan events outside of Toronto?

We plan events all over the globe. Our virtual events allow us to work with any group in any time zone from multiple locations. Our company is based in Toronto however, we can easily accommodate events located in any location around Canada. Let us know where you are located and we will make it work!

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