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Welcome to the DOE Blog! We are excited to share our knowledge, tips & tricks, and expertise with you. Our blog is meant to assist you in this crazy event planning world. We want to make your work a little easier and make every event you plan memorable for all of your attendees.

Back in the Office, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Back in the Office, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Everyone is coming back to the office. Many businesses are taking the hybrid approach where employees are gradually coming back into the office based on their comfort levels. Once to three times a week is what we have been finding the most common. Transitioning back...

Features that will Ramp Up your Virtual Meetings

Features that will Ramp Up your Virtual Meetings

We never suspected that our team members were going to be Zoom experts two years ago but, look at us now! Rocking online conference platforms like it’s our job... because now, it is! With all of the different platforms out there, we must say, the one we prefer and use...

Take the Plunge!

Take the Plunge!

Being an event planner for an organization comes with its own set of stresses and role expectations. One of them being to organize incredible events for the team. In fact, this is typically THE main responsibility. So, it makes sense when our customers are feeling the...

Creating a Team Building Event? Where to Start!

Creating a Team Building Event? Where to Start!

We know sometimes when people hear, “team building” they think it can be a total drag but, it doesn’t have to be... in fact, it shouldn’t be! If there is one thing we can say about our event options it’s that they are fun, dynamic, and cater to all participants. How...


Here you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about our business. If there is any questions unanswered please reach out to us!

When should we involve DOE in our event planning?

At any stage of your planning. Although, we do believe the early bird catches the worm. If you are thinking about your next social, team building, celebration, or conference event, feel free to reach out so we can brainstorm the best ways to make your event memorable and the most effective ways to execute it. We have also had some customers who start planning and run out of bandwidth so we can pick up where you left off.

How can hiring an event coordinator help us?

Our Coordinators take away all  the stress and anxiety that usually comes with event day. You can sit back and just enjoy the experience knowing we have everything under control. Each of our Coordinators has personal and professional event planning experience and has been specifically trained to ensure they embody our company values. To be honest, our Coordinators are simply fantastic and are just a joy to work with.

Will you plan our entire event?

Absolutely! We will plan from beginning to end, from conception to “how can we make this even better for next time?”. This is why we not only provide you with event options from our fun repertoire of experiences, but we also provide you with planning services so you can get the full package; a one-stop-shop. We will work with you every step of the way and keep you well informed of our progress.

Do you manage virtual events and conferences?

We absolutely do! Check out our virtual event options {hyperlink} that are fun, engaging, and memorable. Want to create something custom? We can work with you on this too. To run a virtual social event, we can utilise our own Zoom hosting services or work with the platform you prefer. With our own Zoom hosting and can manage any online conferencing needs from guest speakers, to conference rooms, agendas, and communications to your attendees.

What equipment do we need for Hosting and MC Services?

If your event is virtual, we simply just need the link to your online meeting or we can provide you with our Zoom link to host any virtual events for you. For any in person events, we can provide you with one of our fabulous hosts to bring a little extra something to your event. Depending on the location and group size, you may require A/V equipment. Not to worry, we can source this for you unless you if required at an additional cost.

Do you plan events outside of Toronto?

We plan events all over the globe. Our virtual events allow us to work with any group in any time zone from multiple locations. Our company is based in Toronto however, we can easily accommodate events located in any location around Canada. Let us know where you are located and we will make it work!

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