Let's make an event to remember!

We know sometimes when people hear, “team building” they think it can be a total drag but, it doesn’t have to be… in fact, it shouldn’t be! If there is one thing we can say about our event options it’s that they are fun, dynamic, and cater to all participants. How do we develop these fantastic events you ask? Here is our secret to getting started:  

  1. 🙌🏽Know your group – cater to the different personality types. If it’s more of an introverted group, include some independent components. If there are also extroverts allow them opportunities to shine. Should the activity be competitive or maybe it’s just social? 
  2. 🌍Understanding your resources – If it’s virtual, what are the online conference tool features you can utilize? If it’s in person, is it inside or outside and what materials or venue locations do you have access to? Ensure the event is easily accessible to all participants. 
  3. ✏️Hit the 3 learning groups – Every event should have audio, visual, and tactile components. This is the best way to ensure everyone is absorbing the activity.   
  4. 🔎Key focus – What is your event revolved around? Is it a theme? Company value? Celebration? Make sure it all ties back to your main message or goal. This way participants will walk away with a memory trigger each time they think about that key focus.  
  5. ⌛Time – Make sure you give enough time for everyone to enjoy themselves but not so much time that everyone gets bored. It can be a tricky dance to … dance.  

From here, you can start building your event format and bring the fun! Don’t be afraid to try something new and always remember to collect feedback so you can continue to make your team building events better and better! 

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