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Whether you’re a team leader looking for an activity for your staff, or just looking for something completely fun and different for your friends and family, we’ve got options for you. Our event programs encourage team building and social interactions that are more dynamic than your average icebreaker or cocktail hour. We understand the importance of keeping staff engaged to maintain a strong company culture and how much better it is for private groups to experience something unique and share a great time with friends and family. We offer a wide selection of experiences from cooking and mixology classes to improv and impactful charitable events or, we can work with you to come up with something completely new and tailored to your group!

In person Team Building Events

There hasn’t been a greater want to connect in person than now. Living with so many restrictions, it has been difficult to feel that personal connection with your team or any groups you are a part of. At DOE, we take safety very seriously and offer in-person events that can be socially distanced if required. Our in-person events will provide unique and memorable experiences that will bring a strong sense of togetherness and collaboration that we have all been missing. We can facilitate our in-person events in Toronto or across Canada. Wherever you are, we will be there.

Virtual Team Building Events

For those times you can’t get your group together in-person, we offer virtual social and team building events that will have your group talking about their experience long after the event. Our event programs encourage team building and social interactions that are more dynamic than your average icebreaker or cocktail hour. At DOE, we understand  how difficult in can be to maintain connections while working remotely. Anyone from anywhere around the world can join our virtual event options, we aren’t limited by time zones!


Here you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about our events. If there is any questions unanswered please reach out to us!

How do we get started?

Send us an email through the website by clicking Contact Us or give us a call at 705 446 7127 to speak with our sales team, we are quick to respond!

How can our team connect to the virtual event?

All of our events include access to our Zoom platform so, we will send you a link to share with all of the participants. On event day, everyone simply clicks on the link, and joins via web browser or through the Zoom desktop app. If Zoom isn’t an option for your group, create a meeting using your preferred platform and share with us so we can join. Ideally, we can be made a host or co-host, if not, we will work with you on the technical requirements of your event.

Who runs the virtual event?

Our experienced hosts will be controlling the event from start to finish. They will open and close the room, control breakout rooms, or any other required feature for each event. You can just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Do you include all the materials needed?

We offer delivery of materials for all of our virtual events but, for some events you have the choice to purchase kits or source them yourself. For example, we have ingredients kits for our cocktail events that we can ship (domestic only) to all participants as an additional cost or we can provide you with a shopping list to handle it yourself. Our card kits however, are included in the Caring Card events.

Is shipping included for any delivered materials?

Shipping is not included. The shipping costs will be included on your final invoice. 

Will you plan a custom event?

Absolutely! We can combine aspects from our current events or develop something brand new. Tell us your vision and we can make it come to life.

Is there a mocktail option for your cocktail events?

Yes, all of our cocktail events have mocktail options. If you decide to purchase the cocktail ingredients kits, we will identify who prefers the mocktails and build the kits accordingly.

What size groups can book your events?

We can plan events for any size group, from small intimate groups to large groups of 300+ in-person or virtual.

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