Let's make an event to remember!

We never suspected that our team members were going to be Zoom experts two years ago but, look at us now! Rocking online conference platforms like it’s our job… because now, it is! With all of the different platforms out there, we must say, the one we prefer and use the most is Zoom. It is an easy platform that businesses and the public have used at some point during the pandemic, especially in the early stages. Whether it’s for a business meeting, organized event, or a simple catch up with your family, these incredibly useful and fun features will ramp up your next online interaction. We are going to list 5 of our favourite features that you should consider:

1. 💻Share screen in breakout rooms – Obviously breakout rooms are essential for many online events but when the Zoom update came out where you can share a screen to all breakout rooms, sending messages or referencing information has never been easier. We can now show instructions or talking points within the breakout rooms so everyone stays well informed.  

2. 🖋Annotate – As you share your screen, you can allow participants to annotate the screen. This is a perfect way to engage with your meeting attendees. Utilize this for asking your team questions on the screen and asking your team to circle the answer or have a quick Pictionary session! There are lots of ways to have fun with this feature and grab everyone’s attention.

3. 📊Polling – Another fantastic way to get everyone engaged is by having your participants answer polling questions. These questions can be prepared in advance or on the spot. It’s easy to use and you can export all of your polling results after the session.

4. 🖼️Backgrounds and filters – This is one of the most common features out there for online platforms, but we are going to mention it anyway. Your backgrounds can be videos or images and you can use live filters. Not to mention the fact that you can also use the beauty filter if you feel like you’re having an off day 😉.  One easy way to have some fun with this basic feature is to have everyone prepare their background in advance to match the theme or initiate talking points. It’s a great way to emphasize the meeting or the event’s main focus or initiative.  

5. 🎩Sharing Power Point slides as virtual background – If you haven’t used this feature before, you have to try it. The presenter who is sharing their screen can be ‘in’ the screen. It really transports the meeting to give it an entertainment factor and ups the fun!  

Several of these features can be found on other online conference platforms like Teams, Google Meets, WebEx, Chime, etc. But we still feel Zoom is the easiest to use with either the desktop app or by using the web browser version. Regardless of the platform you choose, using features like these are great ways to spice up any online gathering. 
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