Let's make an event to remember!

Everyone is coming back to the office. Many businesses are taking the hybrid approach where employees are gradually coming back into the office based on their comfort levels. Once to three times a week is what we have been finding the most common. Transitioning back into the office after two years is quite a leap for a lot of employees. Just like transitioning to work remotely, we had to adjust our comfort levels and adjust to a new work space. A few things many have enjoyed while working from home: no commute, easy access to the fridge, less distractions from an office environment, and most importantly, only having to wear office attire on your top half. Now, what can you do to get everyone looking forward to working in the office again?  

  • Happy Hour – Friday Happy hours are a great way to encourage everyone. At the end of a work week (or any day of the week!) getting the staff together for some beverages and snacks will get some chatter going with your team. Bring on the mingling.   
  • Team Challenges – A good way to have different teams and departments interacting is to start some internal competitions. No need to be overly competitive but, step challenges, trivia games, or custom BINGO games are simple and spark a bit of fun.  
  • Organized Event – Run a team building event. Of course we can help you with this if you need but, having an organized event does a lot for your team. Just check out Take the Plunge to see how.  

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be in a work environment where they are thriving and feel thought of. Going the extra mile to make that happen solves problems like staff retention, breaks down work silos, and results in hirer work production. 

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