Let's make an event to remember!

Being an event planner for an organization comes with its own set of stresses and role expectations. One of them being to organize incredible events for the team. In fact, this is typically THE main responsibility. So, it makes sense when our customers are feeling the pressure to put on a fantastic event. Initially our customers come to us with the intention of staying ‘safe’ with a simple dinner and drinks reservation for a mix and mingle party. Now, this is a great starting point but, as we are a dynamic event company, we always like to spice things up a little.  

This summer, it looks like it might be the first time in over 2 years where our teams can come together in-person. With everyone working remotely for quite some time and many of those individuals being new hires, there will be a lot of catching up and introductions taking place. The best way to do this in our experienced opinion is to have an organized activity before the mingling.  

Why you ask?  

  • 😂 An organised ice breaker type event sets up the rest of the event on a high note. It will encourage laughter, fun, and it will break down silos between teams and between our screens.   
  • 🤝🏾 With everyone participating in the same event, they are all sharing the same experience. This encourages bonding and sharing memorable moments. 
  • 🗣️This event gives something for everyone to talk about. If they didn’t have something in common, they do now. If there were team members who don’t normally interact, this gives them a reason to chat and mingle for the rest of your event.  
  • 🎉Regardless of everyone’s role in the team or experience, these types of events will bring everyone together and have them interacting. For example, the new hires and the long term leadership. 

If after reading some of the benefits and you’re still not convinced it might be because of the ol’ “where do we even start” nugget. Well, the easiest solution is of course to hire an expert (warning shameless plug: like DOE!). If not, read Create a Team Building Event? How Do you Start? to get some tips.  

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